Off-duty cop who backed into parked cars passes sobriety test; avoids DUI charges


The officer was issued a citation for imprudent driving, unsafe backing and other citations.

Guam – An off-duty police officer managed to avoid DUI charges even after being caught on video aggressively backing into parked vehicles over the weekend. That’s because he passed a field sobriety test.

It happened around 1:20 Saturday morning. A passerby was rolling on their cell phone and captured on video a blue truck that was stalled for a few seconds on Chalan Santo Papa Rd. before it backed into parked cars at The Venue.

Turns out the driver was an off duty police officer. In the video, witnesses can be seen dragging him out of his truck. The parked cars he crashed into also sustained significant damage. While witnesses on scene claimed the cop was drunk, he was only issued a citation and no criminal charges were filed.

GPD Spokesman Officer AJ Balajadia says this is because the off-duty cop passed a standardized field sobriety test. This also meant that the driver did not have to take a breathalyzer. But Balajadia acknowledges that this doesn’t necessarily mean the cop wasn’t drinking alcohol that evening.

“There’s no question on whether or not the off-duty officer had some drinks prior to this incident. We’re not disputing that. What we are doing by conducting the standardized field sobriety test is whether or not he’s impaired in his ability to operate a vehicle,” explained Balajadia.

PNC: “Are you confirming that he did drink alcohol that night prior to the accident?”

“Well there, I don’t know but this is what witnesses are saying so we’re not disputing that,” noted Balajadia.

Balajadia says there were several witnesses present when the field sobriety test was given, so there’s no dispute that the officer passed. The unnamed officer was issued a citation for imprudent driving, unsafe backing, standing parked on roadway and driving other than right side of roadway.

Balajadia says the chief of police is reviewing the incident.