Off-duty officer involved in Tamuning shooting placed on leave as investigation continues

The Guam Police Department and the Office of the Attorney General held a news conference last month to discuss the officer-involved shooting in Tamuning. (PNC file photo)

There are still no details on what transpired during the fatal officer-involved shooting that occurred in Tamuning last Wednesday.

The Guam Police Department and the Office of the Attorney General held a news conference Thursday morning to discuss the shooting.

According to OAG, the officer-involved shooting took place shortly before 6 pm in Tamuning by Hemlani’s Commercial Building, near the intersection of Marine Corps Drive and Gov. Carlos Camacho Road.

A male individual who was shot during the incident was transported to GMH where he was later pronounced deceased.

During the news conference, however, neither GPD Chief Stephen Ignacio and AG Leevin Camacho were able to give details on what led to the shooting.

“We can’t give you much details at this time, other than, yes, it was an officer-involved shooting. And at this point we’re following the standard procedures for any homicide investigation,” Chief Ignacio said.

Ignacio did say that the officer has now been placed on administrative leave.

According to AG Camacho, they’re still conducting interviews and they have already put in a request for a forensic autopsy of the decedent.

“We’ve also been doing a ballistics examination of the firearm,” Camacho said.

Chief Ignacio said he has already activated the department’s internal affairs section and he has reached out to Customs to request assistance from their internal affairs investigators to work alongside and take the lead.

“We know a lot of people have videos and photos of the incident and anyone who might have seen what happened last night, please contact our office. We know there are videos out there, and we would like to get those videos and those photos,” Chief Prosecutor Basil O’Mallan said.

Witnesses or individuals with videos, photos, or any information are asked to
provide the information by email to or by phone at 475-2580.

Chief Ignacio confirmed that the officer involved was off-duty at the time.

When asked whether the off-duty officer was on the premises or was just driving and stopped in the area, Ignacio said:

“Those are the details that are part of both the criminal and investigative administrative investigation. With the investigative team, any comments about what led up to or what precipitated the shooting, I’ll defer any comments to the AG’s office because we’re still in the very early stages of this investigation. And so I think anything, any statements that we make this early on would be premature, but any information coming out as to what led up to the shooting, or what caused the shooting to occur, I think it’s up to the AG’s office.”

AG Camacho then reiterated that his office is still working through interviewing witnesses and once they’re able to provide more factual information they will release it to the public.

He added that one of the reasons for holding the news conference is to make sure that the community is going to be confident that when police officers use their firearms, there’s going to be an independent and thorough review to ensure that such use complied with regulations and law.