Office of Homeland Security Launches New Website To Improve Public Safety Communication

Guam Fire Department

Guam’s public health community will be able to communicate more efficiently and have better access to online resources.

Guam – Today the Offices of Guam Homeland Security and Civil Defense announce their launch of a new website:  


The website is designed for educational outreach, providing information on the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN), which is a network intended to help Guam’s public safety community. 


The website provides a safe, reliable network for first responders and public safety personnel to communicate during emergencies. The network was established upon the 9/11 Commission’s recommendation, because of the communication challenges that emergency responders encountered. 


Guam Homeland Security Advisor, Brigadier General Johnny S. Lizama says, “The Website will act as an important tool for us to inform and connect with our island’s public safety community during the life of the program. It provides information on the program, the process, and gives updates on the progress of the design, build and deployment of the network.”


Through the network, public safety personnel will be able to communicate efficiently with others, and have access to media on buildings, crime scenes, events, and other resources to related websites. 


You can contact Ms. Leigh G. Pereda, Program Coordinator at Guam Homeland Security, at 671-487-0282 or for more information on the program.