Officer Involved in Viral Harmon Shooting had Cause to Use Deadly Force


The Office of the Attorney General found that the Officer – who was involved in the viral April 8th Harmon shooting – had cause to use deadly force.

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A virtual press conference was held earlier today to go into further detail on the incident.

According to the OAG -, an investigation was led by the Independent Investigative Team – regarding the Fatal shooting that took place in Harmon on April 8th.

During the night in question – viral footage showed a driver and GPD officers in a stand-off before the shot was fired.

Ballistics confirmed that the bullet from the driver was fired from the Officer’s weapon.

The OAG further reported – that the Officer did not immediately use deadly force.

Saying that, officers on the scene requested several times that the driver put down his weapon – which was reported to be a Colt M4 Carbine Rifle.

According to the OAG, when the driver appeared to raise his weapon, the Officer then opened fire – several witness statements and video footage corroborated the statement.

Tune in tomorrow as PNC’s Don Sulat gives the full recap on the incident.