Officer-involved shooting leaves one man dead in Harmon; Investigation underway


An investigation is underway following a morning confrontation in Harmon between police and one man that ended in his shooting death. The independent investigative team has been activated, and while details are still forthcoming, officials say so far they have established that a car chase ended at the intersection of Harmon Loop road and Route 16 and in the moments that followed, an officer discharged his firearm, striking an individual. The individual was transported to G-R-M-C and was later pronounced dead.

Video ciculating on social media shows the incident, with a burning vehicle and a heavy-set man weilding a firearm in the intersection, surrounded by police. In the video, police call out numerous times for the man to reliquish his weapon. After numerous refusals, a gunshot rings out, and the man falls to the ground, where police rush in to secure the scene.

G-P-D’s full statement reads as follows:

April 8,2022- The Independent Investigative Team (IIT) has been activated pursuant to the November 2021 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and is investigating an incident that occurred in Harmon early this morning, April 8, 2022, during which a Guam Police Department (GPD) officer discharged his service firearm, resulting in the death of a member of the public. Pursuant to the MOU, the GPD immediately notified the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) and OAG investigators responded to the scene.

At this time, the investigation has established that the pursuit of a car ended at the intersection of Harmon Loop Road and Route 16. In the ensuing moments, an officer discharged his firearm, striking an individual. The individual was transported to Guam Regional Medical Center and later pronounced dead. This situation is currently under active investigation by the IIT.

The OAG and GPD are committed to a thorough investigation, while recognizing that transparency is critical to public confidence in the process. As the investigation into the circumstances of this shooting proceeds, additional information will be shared with the public as quickly as possible while protecting the integrity of the investigation.

This is a developing story.