VIDEO: Officer Shoots Himself in the Hand While Cleaning His Gun


Guam – A Guam police officer shot himself in the hand Thursday night while trying to clean his gun.

The officer was treated for his injury and released from GMH Thursday night.Police PIO Officer A.J. Balajadia says an Internal Affairs Investigation has been launched into the incident.

It happened shortly after 10 pm, says Balajadia. The officer was off duty at the time and visiting a fellow officer at that officer’s home in Yigo. The handgun involved was the officer’s personal weapon, and not his service revolver.

During the course of the evening, the two officers began cleaning their guns.

The host officer had already dismantled his weapon and placed it on a table, ready for cleaning, when the visiting officer  began to clear the chambers in his handgun before dismantling it.  As he was clearing the chambers, Balajadia says, the gun went off and shot him in the hand.


“Whether he was able to clear it and it reloaded they’re looking at all that exactly what took place so we have internal affairs involved as well as criminal investigation that officer was injured he did receive an injury to his hand he was treated at GMH and released and he’s definitely going to have to see a specialist in regards to those injuries,” said Balajadia.

GPD has custody of both of the firearms, which are both privately owned and are not GPD issued firearms. All indications are that it was an accident, said Officer Balajadia.

The names of the officers have not been released.