Officials recognize Guam Radiologic Technology Week


It is Guam Radiologic Technology Week and today(Tues.) Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio signed a proclamation recognizing the men and women who work in the fields of radiology.

The week is celebrated annually to recognize the important role of the professionals who perform medical imaging and radiation therapy. It’s celebrated on the week of Nov. 8th to commemorate the discovery of the X-Ray by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen in 1895. These qualified professionals play a vital role in the diagnoses and treatments of various injuries and diseases.

“We believe in the dedicated professionals that work every single day to take care of our grandchildren our grandparents and ourselves and our community. We all suffer, and we know the consequences of the absence of that support and the needs for this hospital,” said Lt. Governor Tenorio.

“And healthcare, a lot of times people think it’s the doctors and the nurses which it is but it’s a system of care and our radiologists and all those involved in this profession really need to be recognized and thanked for your role in that system of care,” said Senator Rodriguez.

The legislature also presented certificates to the men and women who work at GMH in the field of radiology.