GEPA Waiting to Hear What Happened to $5.3M Meant for Abandoned Vehicles Program


Guam- Not much movement happening with the Abandoned Vehicles Program and the transfer of funds.

Guam Environmental Protection Agency (GEPA) Director Ivan Quinata confirms his office sent down another request to the Bureau of Budget and Management Research to transfer money back into the Recycling Revolving Fund account. Guam EPA first asked for $5.3 million to be transferred in march after the money was taken to pay for various shortfalls in the government. However, BBMR sent a memorandum in April stating it was unable to reimburse the money. Last week, the Mayors Council and Senator Tina Muna Barnes aired their frustrations about not getting the program moving again. Barnes also said she was working on legislation to block the Governor from transferring money out of the Recycling Revolving Fund.

Quinata on Wendesday says they still haven’t heard anything on their second request.

“That memo was sent down to BBMR about a week and a half ago” said Quinata. “And we have not received a response yet as to whether or not they were able to do that.”

Quinata notes the Abandoned Vehicles Program does have about $100 thousand left from previous transfer requests. He believes there is just enough left to start the program in the next village, which was planned in Tamuning.

Meanwhile, Department of Administration Director Benita Manglona still hasn’t confirmed the total amount of money borrowed out of the Recycling Revolving Fund, which is taken from a portion of vehicle registration fees.