Ohala Foundation begins community services on Tinian

Photo courtesy of Ohala Foundation.

The Ohala Foundation, a nonprofit organization which says it’s dedicated to helping those in need, has launched its website at www.ohalafoundation.org and its headquarters located on the Island of Tinian with a diverse set of programs to offer the CNMI and eventually the region.

The Ohala Foundation, started by the Mendiola-Long family in Tinian, was created to focus on feeding, clothing, training and medically assisting those most in need. The Ohala Clothing Closet accepts gently used clothing for eventual distribution to the community. The Ohala Food Bank is a central network of companies, volunteers and donors that seek to help those that are hungry through meal and food distribution. While the Ohala Healing Program was launched as an initiative led by the Ohala Foundation to provide financial assistance to families in medical emergencies and to provide fundraising strategies to purchase much needed medical equipment for rural hospitals in the islands.

Chairman and co-founder Phillip T. Mendiola Long said, “Our family developed this Foundation to feature a set of different programs that affect those most affected by our challenging economic times. Clothing, food, education and medicine are four of the primary needs of our communities. The Foundation seeks to reach out to the entire world and attract caring and generous partners that will assist us to ensure that first, no one goes hungry here and second, to provide other support to get families back on their feet. We have already partnered with Tinian Junior/Senior High School’s ROTC, National Honor Society and their Student Council that have already begun work with us in our goal of helping our community. There is a notable demand for support and assistance right now and we are actively trying to increase our capacity for being able to provide food security, health care and career opportunities.”

Vice Chairman, co-founder and Tinian High School Senior, Tasi Long also stated, “After Super Typhoon struck Tinian in 2018, our entire family jumped into community service and led charitable response for food, clothing, generators, tarps and solar lanterns.  I discussed with my dad, that I wanted to continue helping our community, but I wanted something long term and an entity our community could depend upon in future times of need. That is when our family created the Ohala Foundation.  I am hopeful that this organization will continue to lead in helping the entire Marianas defeat hunger, poverty and respond to natural disasters.” Other Board members of the Foundation include Cielo Long, Isa Ha’ani Long, Arley Long, and Ed Arriola, Jr.

The Ohala Foundation will be launching new events over the next 30 days to commemorate the start of its operations. The Ohala Closet Grand Opening was held on November 3rd followed by the Ohala Community Food and Clothing Drive on November 3rd and 4th. Food bank meal distribution will begin on November 6. Towards the latter part of November, the Foundation will conduct a Basic Customer Service Training Program on November 20 and will feature a Spirit of Ohala Virtual Run on November 27.

For more information on how to donate, volunteer or avail of services please visit www.ohalafoundation.org or call 670-433-2664.

About the Ohala Foundation

Guided by the principles that man must help his fellow man, the Ohala Foundation’s mission is to work exhaustively to raise critically needed funds; and serve as the managing body for a Mariana Islands based community assistance organization.  The cornerstone of that organization is the Ohala Food Bank, which under the Ohala Foundation’s leadership, provides free food, free meals and free disaster food assistance to those who are the most vulnerable in our communities. The Foundation also offers career, medical and clothing services.

(News release from the Ohala Foundation)