OHS/OCD Celebrates Completion of All Hazards Alert Warning System


The priorities and locations for the 15 warning Sirens were determined by a Government of Guam Multi-Agency Assessment Team comprised of the Mayor’s Council of Guam, Department of Land Management, Department of Public Works, Guam Waterworks Authority, Guam Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Education, Department of Parks and Recreation, and Port Authority of Guam led by OHS/OCD based on requirements to ensure coverage of the AHAWS for residents and other occupants in low-lying, potential hazard areas.

Guam – The Offices of Guam Homeland Security and Civil Defense held a sound-off ceremony to celebrate the completion of the All Hazards Alert Warning System. According to a release, the sirens will be used for emergency alert warnings to notify residents of Guam.


Homeland Security Advisor Brigadier General Johnny Lizama says, the AHAWS bring a great advantage to our island because it allows us to reach out to multiple areas at the same time with the same message. He adds that this project is another form of communication and a tool Guam is fortunate to add to our emergency management capabilities for the safety of our island.

Also according to the release, the bid on the AHAWS was awarded in October of last year. The total amount for procurement and installation is over $1 million.