OIA Officials Meet With Governor’s Chief of Staff to Plan Guam’s Buildup Needs


Guam – This week senior staff from Assistant Secretary Tony Babauta’s office of insular affairs has been on island in preparations for a report that is to detail the infrastructural improvements needed for the Guam military buildup.

 The group has been touring the island’s various government agencies and had two important meetings with the governor’s chief of staff and various cabinet members.

The governor’s chief of staff Frank Arriola says the talks focused on some of the infrastructural needs as well as human resource needs. “For us as a government of Guam from our directors they report a lot of capacity requirements human resources people but DOI is looking very closely but focusing primarily on the infrastructural challenges that we have the bricks and mortars so to speak,” said Arriola.

The governor’s chief of staff says that the group from the OIA will be on island until early next week.