Japanese Lawmakers Say They’ll Urge Tokyo To Pay for Relocation of 4,000 Marines to Tinian


Guam – Twelve lawmakers from the Okinawa Prefecture Assembly have told the CNMI Legislature that they’ll urge the Japanese Government to meet the costs of relocating U.S. Marines from Futenma in Okinawa to Tinian.

The Okinawan lawmakers asked the CNMI’s help to convince the U.S. government to consider Tinian as the relocation site for the 4,000 Marines who will be left at Futenma after 8,000 troops are moved to Guam.

Senate president Paul Manglona, however, said all military-related decisions lie with the U.S. government and local politicians can only express their support for the relocation of the Marines to Tinian.

House Speaker Froilan Tenorio, for his part, told the visitors that the House already adopted a resolution urging the U.S. Department of Defense and Japan to consider Tinian as the best relocation site for the said troops.

The visiting Okinawan lawmakers told the CNMI Legislature that the economic impact of Tinian hosting relocated troops is around $102 million.