Okkodo High School holds ‘Grad & Go’ graduation

Okkodo High School 2021 graduation (PNC photo)

Okkodo High School has joined the many GDOE high schools hosting their own Grad ‘n’ Go graduation ceremonies.

Adhering to social distancing guidelines, Okkodo High School, like other public schools, did not have a standard in-person graduation.

Salutatorian Alexis Edrosa had this to say about where she thinks she will be in the next 10 years after graduation.

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“I never knew how to answer that question so I would leave a vague response and put something on the top of my head like, ‘I don’t know’ or ‘making money’ or ‘being happy.’ But when I think about how I would answer that question now… I can only think, ‘who the heck knows?’ Life is a series of choices, it is owning these choices and how we handle the results that will determine the quality of life that we live,” Edrosa said.

Valedictorian Nathan Vela plans on attending Century College in Danville Kentucky under a merit scholarship to pursue pre-med. He plans on majoring in Biology and add to his education in medical school. Nathan hopes to become a physician with a specialization that can help both Guam and the Philippines.

Nathan says that he did not plan on pursuing the valedictorian seat and that he felt that other students deserved the title more. He then went on to say that he was glad he pushed beyond what he believed he was capable of.

“I later recognized that we position ourselves in a lower standard because we lack confidence, we settle for less than what we deserve. We limit ourselves because we think we are incapable of proceeding further … to that I say no. We are allowed to place ourselves on a higher pedestal. We are allowed to settle for what we truly deserve. We are allowed to dream big. To surpass the limits we placed on ourselves,” Vela said.

GDOE Superintendent of Education Jon J.P. Fernandez also congratulated the Bulldogs on their graduation despite the challenges that the pandemic has placed on them.