New Law Paves Way for Expansion of Okkodo High


Guam – DOE Superintendent Dr. Nerissa Underwood welcomes the new public law signed by Governor Camacho this week that would pave the way for the expansion of  Okkodo High School.

The public law allows the GovGuam to enter into a lease back agreement with a chosen contractor who, through the use of qualified bonds will be responsible for the long term expansion and improvement of facilities for Okkodo High School.

This new law may also will provide more opportunities for the students. 

Underwood says, “We had always wanted to ensure that we have the culinary arts program and the current facility can not accommodate that. This will expand the curricular program that would be made available to our students.  And we are excited about that.”

The Okkudo High School opened its door in August 2008. when the school was built, the legislature passed a law that said any new High School built should not have a population of more than 1200 students, but now heading into the third year, there are more than 1500 students.

Underwood says the school will expand to a student population of 2200, but with any kind of expansion there may also be a downside.

According to Underwood, “Research has shown that the smaller the learning community the more effective it is to provide support for our students to prepare them for graduation.”

Despite the expansion of Okkodu, Underwood hopes there will be another high school built in the north to handle the islands growth and to minimize the student population. She would like to see all the high schools in the northern and central part of the island to have a population under 2,000.