K-9 Mmace honored for 9 years of bomb detection

PNC would like to thank K-9 Mmace for her years of service.

K-9 Mmace end of watch retirement ceremony on March 17, 2022.

Today, the Guam International Airport Authority (GIAA) held a ceremony to pay tribute to K-9 explosives detection dog Mmace. She and her handler Juan D. Manibusan have been keeping Guam and the GIAA safe from bombs.

PNC was told that Mmace would have to be euthanized because of complications from cancer at the end of her retirement and end-of-watch ceremony.

“It’s unfortunate she has to retire based on her health condition,” said Manibusan, “but she served the community well, and I’m just happy that she came to me and worked on the island.”

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Detection K-9 teams include a highly trained detection dog and a law enforcement handler. These teams conduct searches for a variety of explosive materials near building exteriors, parking lots, office areas, vehicles, packages, and people in and around federal facilities.

Throughout her 9-year career, Mmace and her handler had gone through multiple training programs, outreach for students, and activation from bomb threats. In fact, Mmace is a federal dog who’s also gone to the Super Bowl twice to do what she does best: protect the community from bombs.

Life outside of work

“Mmace loved performing for kids and providing school demonstrations throughout the island,” said GIAA Executive Manager John M. Quinata. “Her tail wagged for attention, especially around the kids.”

Mmace not only served her community well but was part of her handler’s family.

“Mmace was not just a service dog,” Quinata continued. “To J. D. Manibusan, his wife, his kids, and grandkids, she was known as Mmacy-dog. A great friend. A beloved fur buddy.”

Despite her health, she pushed through to serve the community, but the work proved too strenuous for her condition.

“She’s a great dog,” said Manibusan. “Like I said, she’s a family dog. I take her home. She’s good with my family. My family loves her. Mmacy is a good dog.”

One last call

In addition to the ceremony, Mmace was given a last call. The last call refers to a call given in remembrance of a fallen officer. Over radio transmission, an officer calls for the fallen officer’s number, which is followed up by no response.

“1013, attention all units,” Officer Terlaje called into her police radio. “K-9 Mmace has answered the highest call, and her final call.

“K-9 Mmace, we will remember you for your dedication and love of life. Thank you for making our community a safer and better place to live. You will be forever loved and missed. End of watch for K-9 Mmace on March 17, 2022 at 1441 hours. Rest in peace, K-9 Mmace, and may the angels rub your belly in heaven. Godspeed.”

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