“Once that missile is launched, it’s a couple of minutes before it wreaks havoc on us all” –concerned citizen


In light of North Korea’s recent threat targeting Guam, island residents voice their concerns about a potential attack.

Guam – In related news, North Korea’s latest threats drew mixed responses from the public ranging from general apathy to major concern on the potential attack.

With that question in mind, we took to the streets and asked the island residents what they think about the recent threats from our unfriendly neighbor in the north.

“It is scary…it is something that we can’t take lightly and you never know what could happen. Everyone was saying, ‘Oh, what are we gonna do?’ and I’m like you can’t do anything. You can’t run or hide from a nuclear threat, we’re basically gonna be wiped out. We’re gonna die or we’re gonna shrivel up and die from all of the effects from the radiation and what not. Once that missile is launched it’s only going to take a matter of a couple of minutes before it wreaks havoc on us all,” bemoaned a concerned citizen.

But if an attack did occur, is the island of Guam prepared for fallout? One veteran didn’t seem to think so.

“We’re not prepared at all. I’ll be straight honest: our military isn’t prepared physically, financially, we’re in debt, …granted the US does have the biggest AirForce. I don’t think Guam stands a chance,” vented a concerned veteran.

Meanwhile, a few foreign exchange students from South Korea offered their take on the familiar threats.

“It’s not a big deal because in South Korea everyday North Korea wants to attack us. They say, ‘I will attack you,’ they will threaten, but always nothing happens. But maybe Korean people don’t care about that.

But just in case, one citizen gave her advice just in case an attack does occur.

“Hug your family members, you never know what’s going to happen here,” warned a concerned citizen.