One Resident is Suing Guam Waterworks Authority for $300,000


GWA also says that the statute of limitations has already run in this case and the amount Ramos is suing for “far exceeds the allowable limits set by law.” 

Guam – One Guam resident is suing the Guam Waterworks Authority for 300-thousand dollars for what he says is a failure, on GWA’s part, to pay for land the waterworks authority used from 2002-2010.


According to court documents, Michael Ramos is suing the waterworks authority for failing to properly compensate him for using his land to operate a water pump. Ramos alleges that in January of 2002, GWA erected a concrete and fenced structure to install a water pump on his property. Ramos says that he was never able to use the land that the structure was built on nor was he ever compensated for use of his land. Ramos is asking for 300-thousand dollars from the Guam waterworks authority. GWA is denying the lawsuit. According to court documents, GWA is questioning the jurisdiction of the superior court in this case.