Only 2 Months Left Before GAIN Shuts Down; Non Profit Still Waiting For $100K Appropriation


Guam- The Guam Animals In Need (GAIN) shelter has about 2 months left before it has to shut down normal operations.

GAIN Manager Julie Grady says the non profit organization is barely surviving off its savings and donations because it still hasn’t received its $100 thousand dollar appropriation from the Government of Guam. In fact, she mentions they just received the last portion of the funding from the prior fiscal year, which is still not enough.

“We actually just received last year’s last quarter last week.” said Grady. “So, with government cutbacks possibly coming up this year, we don’t know if we’ll continue to receive that money or not.”

Grady is thankful for the community’s support. She adds that because of community partnerships, they sterilized over 1,000 dogs and cats during their 2010 sterilization campaign. However, they need their current appropriation to continue supplementing government services. GAIN is the island’s only animal shelter.