OPA: 61 percent of water produced not consumed

(PNC file photo)

The Office of Public Accountability has released its latest audit of the Guam Waterworks Authority and says one of GWA’s most challenging problems continues to be the amount of non-revenue water or unaccounted for water.

Citing GWA’s latest figures, OPA said approximately 61% of the water produced annually is not consumed or contributing to GWA’s revenue, due to either water losses (leaks or breaks) or unauthorized or unbilled consumption.

OPA does say that GWA is addressing this issue by continuing to incorporate its focus on leak repairs, pressure zone re-alignments, and the pilot testing of District Metered Areas by installing meters at discrete supply points and monitoring results as part of its comprehensive Water Loss Control Program.

OPA also reported that GWA closed fiscal year 2019 with an increase in net position (net income) of $37.3 million.

Independent auditors Deloitte & Touche, LLP rendered unmodified “clean” opinions on GWA’s financial statements and compliance for all major federal programs.

OPA also commended GWA for qualifying as a low-risk auditee for the fourth consecutive year.