OPA audit finds DPW not following Village Streets Master Plan


According to an audit by the Office of Public Accountability, the Department of Public Works’ Division of Highways does not have an effective plan to protect and prolong the life of village streets.

Guam – The Public Auditor finds in her latest audit that DPW has no way of ensuring that taxpayer dollars are “utilized in the most cost effective manner for roads most in need of repair.” The Public Auditor released the audit this week along with for the first time ever a video that depicts the findings of their audit. One of these findings is that DPW wasn’t properly evaluating their performance on road projects or their achievement of goals.

The Public Auditor also found that DPW did not ensure that the Village Streets Master Plan was regularly monitored or even properly implemented adding that the repairs of village streets were determined on a reactive basis. The Public Auditor says that no village street repair projects have been done based on the Village Streets Master Plan. Instead the OPA says DPW is repairing streets in an unsystematic and reactive manner. The Public Auditor says DPW relies on legislative mandates, phone calls from concerned individuals and irregular assessments of village street conditions. Road repair decisions are then made on a daily basis by the Highway Division Superintendent. The Public Auditor is concerned that this might lead to repairing streets to “favor certain constituents.”