OPA audit of Guam war claims fund sought


In anticipation of the public hearing scheduled Friday on Bill 129-36 (LS), which creates the Government of Guam World War II Survivor Claims Review Commission to adjudicate the estimated 700 war claims requests that did not meet the federally imposed June 20, 2018 filing deadline, Senator Telo Taitague has sent a letter requesting the Office of Public Accountability to conduct an audit of the Guam War Claims Fund established pursuant to Public Law 35-61.

Public Law 35-61 authorizes the Governor of Guam to transfer such sums as are available from the General Fund to pay adjudicated claims as of January 3, 2020. The Fund is exempted from the governor’s transfer authority, and any funds remaining is subject to legislative appropriation.

“As the author of Bill 129-36 (LS), which establishes a local war claims program to adjudicate requests which did not meet the federally imposed June 20, 2018 filing deadline, I would like to confirm whether there is a balance available in the Guam War Claims Fund which may be appropriated as an additional funding source for the proposed program. Moreover, I ask that the audit requested herein also provide complete details regarding any and all deposits and transfers made into and out of the Guam War Claims Fund from local and federal sources,” wrote Senator Taitague.

“With senators expected to discuss a budget proposal for FY 2022 in the coming days, I’m confident that the information requested in my letter will help all of us know what local funding sources were used to support Public Law 35-61 – and whether agencies and programs that may have operated without these resources are able to go without them again going forward,” Senator Taitague added.


(Senator Telo Taitague Release)