OPA Denies J&B’s Appeal of DOE Air Conditioning Bid


Guam – A decision has been announced by the Office of Public Accountability denying J&B Modern Tech’s appeal of an air conditioning contract with the Department of Education awarded to JRN Air Conditioning and Refridgeration Inc.

In her decision Public Auditor Doris Flores Brooks said “JRN’s bid was lowest responsive and responsible bidder to the IFB.”  In her findings Brooks

The appeal is in response to GDOE’s March 7, 2014 denial of J&B’s Protest in the Inivatation for Bid on Air Conditioning Systems Exterior Duct Restoration Project. In it’s appeal J&B pointed to JRN’s failure to attend a site inspection at Southern High School on December 10, 2013 claiming that rendered JRN nonresponsive and disqualified from consideration. The findings note that JRN did conduct an inspection at Southern and the three other schools listed in the IFB in September 2013 to prepare a cost proposal brior to bids opening.

Read the OPA’s Decision HERE

However, an amendment to the bid was issued on December 5, 2013 advising bidders of a pre=bid conference and site inspection at the four schools.  The tour at Southern High School was scheduled for a later date than the other and JRN the December 10 inspection at Sourthern.

J&B’s bid cost proposal was $350,000.91 and JRN’s bid cost proposal was $254,501.91