OPA releases audit on citizen-centric reports; more GovGuam entities are complying


The Guam Office of Public Accountability (OPA) has released an audit of Government of Guam (GovGuam) entities’ compliance with Citizen-Centric Report (CCR) submission requirements for FY 2017 through FY 2020 pursuant to Title 1, Chapter 19 §1922(a) of the Guam Code Annotated.

The audit found that there was an increase in compliance with submission requirements. Specifically, OPA dentified the following as of October 8, 2021:

Compliant Entities

  1. Fifty-five (55) of 65 entities (or 85%) issued their FY 2020 CCRs. Of the 55, 36 entities fully complied by timely submitting their CCRs to both the OPA and the Speaker. Also, posting the CCR on their websites. The remaining 19 entities were partially compliant for issuing their CCR but only met some requirements.

  2. Fifty (50) of 65 entities (or 77%) issued their FY 2019 CCRs. Of the 50, 26 entities fully
    complied and 24 entities partially complied.

  3. Fifty-two (52) entities (or 80%) issued their FY 2018 CCRs. Of the 52, 25 entities fully
    complied and 27 entities partially complied.

  4. Fifty-seven (57) of 64 entities (or 89%) issued their FY 2017 CCRs. Of the 57, 28 entities fully complied and 29 entities partially complied.

Compliance Breakdown

Throughout FY 2017 to FY 2020, the most common cause for partial compliance was untimely submissions to both the OPA and the Speaker of the Legislature.

OPA found that seven (7) entities were compliant from FY 2017 through FY 2020:
1. Government of Guam Retirement Fund
2. Guam Community College
3. Guam Preservation Trust
4. Guam Visitors Bureau

  1. Guam Office of the Attorney General
  2. Judiciary of Guam
  3. Office of Public Accountability

Non-Compliant Entities

Of the GovGuam entities required to submit CCRs, 10 of 65 entities (or 15%) were non-compliant for FY 2020 because they did not submit their CCR to the OPA and the Speaker, nor did they post it on their website.

Additionally, 15 of 65 entities (or 23%) for FY 2019; 13 of 65 entities (or 20%) for FY 2018; and seven (7) of 64 entities (or 11%) for FY 2017 were non-compliant during the scope period.

As such, these non-compliant entities neglected their responsibility to:

• Provide information regarding government operations and how taxpayer dollars are spent; and
• Communicate and make government financial information available in a simple and
understandable format accessible to citizens.

Of the non-compliant entities, the Department of Parks and Recreation and the Hagatna Restoration and Redevelopment Authority were non-compliant from FY 2017 to FY 2020.

Although not required to submit a FY 2017 CCR, the Office of Technology was non-compliant because they did not submit nor post a CCR for FY 2018 to FY 2020.

“The OPA has, since the passage of P.L. 30-127, issued periodic audits of compliance on the CCR initiative because we agree with the legislative findings that ‘the foundation of democracy is based on governments being answerable to their citizenry and, as such, having a responsibility to provide information regarding government operations, most notable in regards to how taxpayer dollars are spent,’” concluded Public Auditor Benjamin J.F. Cruz.