Open letter to voters of Guam

By Peter J. Santos, Committee Chairman


Dear People of Guam, I have established the Responsible Guam Political Action Committee, an honest alternative to the political hype and misinformation that always dominates during election season. It was decided by myself and like-minded people that enough is enough. Too many times we are lied to and misled, blatantly and without consequence to the dirty and slimy politicians who perpetrate a fraud on our people. The very real and negative consequence is that the people suffer from corruption, cronyism, and incompetence. It is a work in progress and still under development, but it will become more and more complete as the election season intensifies.

Although the impetus for this mission to expose this type of political dishonesty started with Michael F.Q. San Nicolas, it applies to so many others who abuse the public trust or who have proven to be ineffective and incompetent, such as Senator James Moylan and Attorney General Leevin Camacho. Moylan and Camacho have proven to be ineffective and harmful to Guam, meanwhile putting on an amazing false façade to the general public that they are performing their duties wonderfully.

I have been trained to see through these types of people that would have us believe their claim they are the best thing since sliced bread, yet in reality, they have been ineffective and in many instances actually counterproductive and extremely harmful to Guam.

I would also like to address whoever decides to join Micheal San Nicolas in his bid for Adelup. It is heavily rumored that he will choose a former Military General Officer as his running mate. For what it’s worth, I am talking to you as an experienced military legal advisor. First, this is an act of desperation because MSN has been turned down by so many other political heavyweights. Second, he is aware that he has burned all his bridges with the Veteran community of Guam with all his lip service and non-action, and sheer arrogance with respect to the Veterans of Guam. This is obviously a desperate attempt to make amends with the Veteran community of Guam. I submit, however, that the Veterans of Guam are not that stupid and will not soon forget his behavior during his two terms as the Guam Delegate. Third, as a General Officer in the Military, I know you have been trained in spotting and identifying toxic leadership, incompetence, and unethical behavior. It was recently revealed that he told his closest advisors that his mistress of many years was “sent to him by God so that he can continue.” That alone should cause you great pause. But there are just SO MANY OTHER RED FLAGS about MSN that should tell you to run as fast as you can in the other direction. He has violated federal laws, falsified information, tampered with evidence, and refused to cooperate with the federal investigators. I ask you plainly, do you really wish to associate yourself with this type of individual who has proven to be toxic and who lacks honesty and integrity which is so paramount to you as a Military General Officer?

In closing,

Dear People of Guam, fan makmåta, atan yan li’i’ sa’ kesnudu i impiråt. Wake up, see that the emperor is not wearing any clothes.


Peter J. Santos, Committee Chairman