Teen murder trial: Salome Nauta testifies about finding her 15-year-old granddaughter stabbed to death

Lead prosecutor Leonardo Rapadas (standing, left) told the jury that they will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Brandon Michael Acosta is the man responsible for the 15-year-old's rape and death.

Details in the rape and murder of 15-year-old Timicca Nauta were revealed in trial this morning just before the first witness took the stand.

Lead prosecutor Leonardo Rapadas told the jury that they will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Brandon Michael Acosta is the man responsible for the 15-year-old’s rape and death.

He says Acosta had knowledge of the crime scene that only the person who did it would know, further stating that while there were several persons of interest, all the evidence pointed towards Acosta. There is also Acosta’s reported confession to police.

“We are here today because this man raped and killed Timicca Nauta. He raped her by having intercourse with her and sodomizing her. He killed her by taking the blade and striking her hard on her head, her neck and her body. He cut into her deep facial muscle on the left side and split her ear. He cut her deep on her lower left neck area cutting her vertebrae, probably the fatal wound,” Rapadas said.

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Acosta’s defense attorney, William Pole, said that’s not true and said the evidence will show instead that Nauta wasn’t raped and there would be no proof of penetration.

“There’s no question that a young woman was killed. The government, as they said, wants to point the finger at my client Brandon Acosta but the evidence is not going to show why, if as the government claims there are all these multiple rooms, why did nobody hear? Why if she was sexually assaulted before she was murdered by somebody?” Pole said.

Pole told the court that the government just found someone who was easy to pin the crime on. The same night the 15-year-old was slain, Acosta was implicated in a burglary of a home directly across the street.

After hearing from both attorneys, the government’s first witness was called. Salome Nauta is Timicca’s grandmother and custodian, the first person to discover Timicca’s lifeless body. After describing the family compound of homes and their proximity to each other. She then recalled walking into Timicca’s home after the teen did not respond to her name being called.

“I went to her door and opened her door I was still shouting her name. Then, when I got in, I noticed it was dark and its usually not like that. So I went a little bit closer to her. She wasn’t answering when I was calling her and I noticed that she was laying on her stomach area and she don’t sleep like that,” the grandmother said.

She went on to describe the bloody scene and how her granddaughter was laying on the bed with her legs on the floor, her body cold to the touch.

She told the court that she called out for her son, Ric Nauta. She says Ric entered the room and she heard him punch the wall in anger and cuss at the sight of his slain niece.

But while the grandmother was on the stand, the defense’s line of questioning centered around the proximity of the homes and establishing whether or not someone screaming from Timicca’s home could be heard by others in the compound. However, Pole did not directly pose the question.