Opening of JFK Delayed 1 Week


Guam – Acting DOE Superintendent Taling Taitano says that DOE has decided to delay the opening of JFK High School for one week, until Monday August 16th  to allow time for all the equipment and supplies to be moved into the new school building.

The decision was made this afternoon [Monday] during a meeting with IBC, DPW and administration officials. Taitano told PNC that IBC informed them at the meeting that they are scheduling the necessary inspections for the various GovGuam agencies this week.

A conditional occupancy permit for Phases 1 and 2 was issued about a week and a half ago, and some supplies and equipment were allowed to be moved into those sections of the building. IBC had not yet finished the final two phases.

Provided that the final two phases of the facility pass inspection this week, and a full occupancy permit is finally issued, then the movement of equipment and supplies into phase three and four of the new campus can begin. The extra week is needed to make sure that process goes smoothly.