Opening statements in GHURA trial moved


Legal counsels in the case involving the GHURA conspiracy case will have a little more time to prepare for opening statements as Superior Court Judge Anita Sukola granted a continuance of the trial.

The delay in the trial is a result of legal counsel Samuel Teker, who represents GHURA board member David Sablan, being ill.

While he was present in court this morning for continued jury selection, Teker told the court that he would not be able to make opening statements.

With no objections, the continuance was granted and opening statements that were slated for today were moved to Tuesday at 1 p.m.

Meanwhile, potential jurors in the case were polled this morning at the request of Chief Prosecutor Basil O’Mallen who indicated that a media report was released over the weekend relative to the case.

Because the case has been highly publicized, O’Mallen wanted to ensure that no jurors were exposed to the reports involving the case.


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Jolene Toves
Jolene joined the PNC team in 2017, as a producer, co-anchor and investigative reporter covering law enforcement, courts and crimes. Notable coverage includes the Ehlert case, the Mark Torre Jr. trial, the Allan Agababa trial, exclusive pieces on the Life of a Drug Dealer/Addict, and Life behind bars...the story of Honofre Chargualaf and Kevin Cruz. In 2019, she was promoted to Assistant News Director and Lead Anchor. From 2015 to 2017 she served as Public Relations and Promotions Manager, for the Hotel Nikko Guam handling local radio and advertorial promotions, as well as produced and directed tv commercials for the hotel. Prior to this she worked with KUAM for three years as a reporter and segment host. She began her journalism career in 2012, working with Glimpses of Guam contributing to the Guam Business Magazine, R&R magazine, MDM magazine and the Marianas Business Journal.