Operation Christmas Drop looking for new logo to mark its 70th year


It’s still too early for the holidays but the organization behind Operation Christmas Drop is gearing for 2021 — starting off with a call to the community to submit a new logo for this year’s Christmas Drop.

2021 marks the 70th year of the Christmas Drop operation so the organization wanted to create a unique logo for the anniversary.

The organization posted its request across social media, saying that they are planning big things for the year.

And to make sure they reach the biggest talent pool, they are having a contest available for the general public to participate in.

The logo will go on all of the Christmas Drop advertisements, team shirts, and media for this year.

According to the organization, the deadline for submissions is this Friday, Feb 19, so that they can begin producing all of their products using the winning logo.

The OCD committee leads will vote on the winner and it will be announced in March.

Operation Christmas Drop is the Department of Defense’s longest-running humanitarian airlift training operation. The tradition began during the Christmas season in 1952.