GWA’s Objections OVERRULED; New Time-Lines Now Set for Completion of “Clean Water Act” Projects


Guam -District Court Judge Francis Tydinco-Gatewood has OVERRULED the objections raised by the Guam Waterworks Authority to a Magistrate’s report setting time-lines for the completion of projects under the Court’s stipulated order aimed at bringing GWA into compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act.

GWA had asked for more time to complete upgrades to the southern waste-water treatment plants, in particular.GWA Spokeswoman Heidi Ballendorf said the water utility will work hard to comply with the courts order. But it will mean rate hikes and a bond issue, sooner than hoped for.

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In her order released today [Thursday], Judge Gatewood concludes that the time-line recommendations set by Magistrate’s Judge Joaquin Manibusan are “fair, reasonable and achievable.”

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