Ordot Natibu Christobal Mesa is now a U.O.G. Triton Football Hall Of Famer

U.O.G. Class of 2019 H.O.F. Inductee for Football Christobal Mesa.

To be inducted into the UOG Athlete Hall of Fame s a great honor.  And one of UOG’s latest inductee truly realizes that.  His name is Christobal Mesa and he played five seasons for the Mighty U.O.G. Football Dynasty from 1972 to 1977.  One of Mesa’s best memories was in 1975, when the Triton’s won their first of a long string championship titles, and he was selected as a 1st Team All Star Offensive Guard for the then Guam Varsity Football League.   CLICK VIDEO BELOW FOR THE FULL STORY.

1975 Pacific Daily News Photo of Head Coach Rob Call, Fullback Art Rabon & Mesa.
1975 Pacific Daily News Story From Mesa’s Scrap Book.


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