VIDEO: Organizers Call Pig Hunt Derby A Success


Guam – The first annual pig hunting derby concluded this weekend and organizers are calling it a success.


The pig derby which was designed to cut down on the growing population of feral and wild pigs took place on Saturday and Sunday.

Feral and wild pigs eat local crops, uproot native vegetation, and cause erosion which creates sedimentation on Guam’s reefs. Guam coastal management’s Christine Camacho says 38 people participated in the hunt but more importantly it sparked interest in the community for next year’s hunt.

“The pig hunting derby was a complete success we had great participation a lot of community support for sure people that didn’t participate in the derby per se were actually there observing and telling us as our hunters were coming in next year Christine we’re participating or next year we’re gonna hunt or next year we’re gonna volunteer.”

Camacho says the pig hunt could not have happened without the help of the community, the many volunteers the Mayors Council of Guam, and it’s major sponsors Matson Navigation, Pacific Rim Brokers and International Group Inc.