Orientation Held for 31 st Guam Legislature


Guam – Members  of  the Legislature finished  an orientation meeting Monday with Speaker Judith T. Won Pat, Ed.D. and Committee on Rules  Chairperson Senator Rory J. Respicio.
In a brief review of the Standing Rules, the discussion covered Session proceedings, Legislative Communications, the processing of bills, resolutions certificates, and executive appointments, the  leadership  of  both  parties,  the  legislative  standing  committees,  and  Mason’s  Manual  of
Legislative Procedures.

Speaker Won Pat commented, “Hosting a legislative orientation has been a long time coming.  This event is important for all members, new and returning, to come together to discuss how we operate during Session, and thus, as a Body.”

Rules Chair Senator Respicio added, “This meeting provided a critical opportunity to review the rules that guide us, as, ultimately, these rules determine how we succeed as a branch of government.   We  were  also  able  to  discuss  various  practices  the  Legislature  has  adopted  to streamline operations and to conserve our resources, like going paperless.”

This orientation will be followed by staff workshops to be held this afternoon [Monday], Tuesday and Wednesday.