“Discussion Suspended” on Senator Muna-Barnes’ Proposal to Amend the Container Recycling Act


Guam – Apart from the late afternoon debate on Senator McCreadie’s “Two Strikes and You’re Out” bill, most of the discussion on Day 4 of the current Legislative Session, revolved around Bill #108, Senator Tina Muna-Barnes’ proposal to amend the Container Recycling Act of 2010.


Guam EPA has not had the funding to implement the law that she sponsored and the Senator spent much of the morning and afternoon fielding questions about how the implementation and cost of collecting and re-cycling the bottles.

Fellow Senators asked about whether the deposit requirement would apply to bottles shipped to federal installations on isalnd. And there questions were also raised about whether it would apply to bottles trans-shipped through Guam to other islands in Micronesia.

Senator Muna-Barnes said the revisions in Bill #108 are aimed at resolving those and other issues.

However debate on the measure was suspended and the bill remains in the 2nd Reading File.

Among the other measures discussed Thursday, Senator Ben Pangelinan’s Bll #138 advanced. It would appropriate $2.5 million dollars from the Hotel Occupancy Tax [HOT] Bond proceeds for repairs and improvements to the Guam Fisherman’s Cooperative. Bill #138 was advanced to the third reading file.