Our Lady Of Fatima Statue Visits Guam For A Second Time


Guam- The world famous statue of Our Lady of Fatima has returned to Guam for a second visit since 2006.

The Fatima statue arrived last Friday and will be here for 3 weeks touring different churches and chapels. On Monday, it visited the Dominican Catholic School in Yigo and Our Lady Of Lourdes Church. 

Carl Malburg is one of the two custodians taking the statue around the globe since 1993. He says that it was sculpted in 1947 by Jose Thedim based on the description of one of the three children who saw the Virgin Mary in Fatima, Portugal in 1917. Malburg adds the statue is meant to travel the far corners of the world spreading the Virgin Mary’s message of peace and hope to millions.

 “We have all these pictures going around of the statue and they don’t capture the feeling of presence, I guess as we would call it” said Malburg. “There’s something called the moral presence that goes with images. Why, I have my grandchildren in my pocket because I feel closer to them when I look at their images…and that’s working here too. The statue that’s here though does have more than you can describe or more than you can photograph…the feeling of presence when you go by it.”

Malburg mentions miracles and physical cures have been associated with the presence of the statue and documented many times. However, none have been truly researched and just add to the mystery of the lady of Fatima. The statue leaves on October 21.