VIDEO: OUR VIEW – “The Guam Code Annotated Needs Major Revision”


Guam – OUR VIEW is a periodic feature representing the editorial opinion of the Pacific News Center written by Jon Anderson.

                                                  OUR VIEW – “The Guam Code Annotated Needs Major Revision”

We’ve often been disappointed with the lobbying efforts of the Guam Chamber of Commerce. It should to be a strong private sector advocate to counter the enormous amount of attention paid to the employees of the Government of Guam.


Thus we were pleased with this week’s Chamber announcement of the formation of a Legislative Review Committee, which will look at introduced legislation and recommend positions. We wish Chairman Bobbie Shringi and his members well, and congratulate David Leddy and the Chamber for this effort.

But what is also needed is a law review committee, to look at the laws we already have on the books.  Just about every private sector attorney will tell you the Guam Code Annotated is “a mess.” Our basic book of laws is filled with contradictions and inconsistencies. The criminal code needs to be edited and brought up to date.  So does our motor vehicle code, portions of which are decades out of date.

Working with our Code now is difficult for our police and other law enforecment entities, not to mention judges and their staffs and the private attorneys who get involved in cases.

We’re hoping some enterprising Senator will take this on.  Rather than just introducing new bills, clean up what is already on the books. It won’t be an easy job, but it’s necessary.  The Guam Code Annotated needs major revision.