OUR VIEW – “GBB Should Make a Cheaper Choice”


Guam – OUR VIEW is a periodic feature representing the editorial opinion of the Pacific News Center written by Jon Anderson.

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“All of our expenses have been reviewed by the District Court and we have been subject to two full audits”said GBB’s principal associate David Manning, reacting to the release of some those expenses this week.

He accused the Governor’s Office of choosing mudslinging over cooperation as he reacted to criticism of those expenses. Prompting Arthur Clark of the Governor’s Office to suggest that whoever objects to mudslinging is usually covered with dirt himself.

We think much of that could have been avoided if the receiver would just exercise a little care with the expenses .

Steak and lobster, for example. Lose the lobster….. Lobster sounds a bit like living high off the hog. So to speak. Make a cheaper choice…

The same with luxury hotel suites when an ordinary room would do. Again, living a bit too high.

We don’t object to the business class airplane tickets, but tighten up on the other costs. … keep in mind that there are political ramifications to whatever you claim in the way of expenses.

Exercise some caution with the people’s funds…..garbage bills after all. Spend the money you are authorized to spend, but do so frugally and with an eye toward the impact of your report on the average person on Guam. Don’t provide your opponents with any more political opportunities to sling a little mud.

Keep in mind that most of us are on beer budgets, even though we may have champagn tastes.