Outback Steakhouse re-opens in Tumon


Outback Steakhouse re-opens doors after one-million dollar renovation.

Guam – Outback Steakhouse has been a local favorite for both tourists and locals alike and after a month of renovations and improvements to the restaurant and an updated menu customer’s are sure to be amazed.

It’s been 20 years since Outback Steakhouse has seen a renovation, and according to Restaurant Manager, Selena Elicio, they took the restaurant to a new level bringing a modern decorative feel into the dining area and upgrading the kitchen.

“Besides the comfort of the front of the house would be all the new designs in the back that ensure that the food come out fresh and hot the way the customer is supposed to be served,” shared Elicio.

But that’s not all, in addition to the 1 million dollars in renovations, their menu has been taken up a notch with new dishes and grilled classics made from scratch daily using only the highest quality ingredients sourced from around the world.

“We have a few new additions, we changed our popcorn shrimp which is our volcano shrimp. We have a peppercorn calamari which is changed, it has diced tomatoes, fresh cracked pepper a new spicy lemon butter sauce. We have a bone in rib-eye, 42 ounce that’s cooked over an open flame now. we changed our prime rib now its herb crusted and marinated for 24 hours,” stated the Restaurant manager.

Outback is open Sunday through Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday and Saturday 11am-11pm. Lunch is served until 4pm.

SOURCEJolene Toves
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