Outpouring of Condolences on Death of 14 Year Old Rayn San Nicolas; 7th Death in Waters Around Guam This Year


Guam – An outpouring of condolences have been posted on the pages of Facebook by friends and relatives of the San Nicolas family who lost their 14 year old son Rayn in an apparent drowning Saturday afternoon.

Rayn had been swimming with three of his cousins off Ritidian Point when they ran into some rough waters. Three made it back to shore. Rayn San Nicolas did not.

[14 year old Rayn San Nicolas]

“We cannot even begin to imagine your pain, grief and heartbreak. We are so sorry for your loss,” one message read.

“My heartfelt sadness for your loss of your son. My love to all and prayers always [on this] untimely sadness. I can’t believe this, my heart breaks with agony just knowing,” another message read.

“My deepest, deepest condolences … I don’t know what to say except you all are in my prayers and I’m crying with you,” yet another read.


Guam Fire Department Spokesman Lt. Ed Artero says the 911 call came in about 2:42 pm reporting three swimmers in distress.

When rescue units arrived on the scene at least two of the three had reached shore, said Lt. Artero. But the 14 year old was still missing. “4 went in the water and 3 came out,” said Lt. Artero.

A search was immediately launched involving GFD, GPD and Andersen Air Force Base rescue units. USCG Specialist Lee Putnam says the Coast Guard dispatched a 45 foot response boat and the Navy’s HSC 25 helicopter was also involved in the search.

Lt. Artero says the body was recovered shortly after 5 pm. A GFD rescue boat brought him back to shore at the Hagatna Boat Basin. He was loaded onto a stretcher, then into an ambulance and taken to GMH for an autopsy, possibly today [Monday].

Rayn’s death is the 7th water related death in the seas around Guam this year:


1. January 17:  65-year-old tourist died following an apparent drowning in the waters behind the Hilton.

2. February 6:  29 year old Japanese tourist died following a diving accident at Outhouse Beach in Piti after suffering an air embolism.

3. March 13:  42 year old Machune Machy was swept out to sea near Camel Rock in Asan Bay. Rescue divers found the fisherman’s body two days later.

4.  April 21:  Taiwanese tourist found floating face down in the waters behind the Santa Fe Hotel in Tamuning. The man, who was in his 40s, he was a guest at the Santa Fe Hotel.

5.  Saturday April 21: 19 year old Alexander John Miralles drowned off Anao Point. He was part of a group of  University of Guam students on a hiking field trip.

6. May 19: 20 year old Ryan M. Bennett, a Navy diver from Pennsylvania who was assigned to the USS Frank Cable. He died while snorkeling off  Haputo beach. Guam medical Examiner Dr. Aurilio Espinola told PNC News that the Navy provided him with a copy of their preliminary report which concluded that the cause of death was asphyxiation due to drowning. However the investigation was ongoing and the family suspected he died in reaction to a jellyfish sting.

7. Saturday June 30:  14 year old Rayn San Nicolas, apparent drowning off Ritidian Point

READ the release on the rescue from the USCG below:

Missing swimmer recovered off of Ritidian Beach

RITIDIAN BEACH, Guam – Coast Guard Sector Guam received notification from Guam Fire Department that two swimmers were in distress outside the reef at Ritidian Beach at 2:45 pm today.  Sector Guam dispatched a Coast Guard Response Boat-Medium and an aircraft from Helicopter Sea Combat-Two Five (HSC-25) to assist Guam Fire Department and Guam Police Department with the search and rescue of the swimmers.  After contacting the reporting party, the Coast Guard discovered that four swimmers were initially swept over the reef at Ritidian Beach and three of them were able to swim safely back to shore.  Guam Fire rescue divers recovered the body of the missing swimmer.