Outpouring of support for Patrick Palomo fundraiser

Patrick Palomo (GoFundMe photo)

The community is putting its support behind Patrick Palomo, the island’s most iconic jazz artist, who is battling prostate cancer and awaiting treatment.

Businessman Kaz Endo organized a fundraiser for Palomo, the well-known jazz musician and jazz scholar, to help shoulder the cost of his medical treatment.

He and Palomo go way back to 2005 when the businessman operated House of Brutus and Palomo was one of its marquee entertainers.

Endo started a GoFundMe page to help raise funds for Palomo’s medical treatment. He says the fundraiser is to help Patrick cover the unexpected expense that a lengthy medical treatment may cost.

Palomo will be treated in California for his cancer and expected expenses are not just medical treatments but also living expenses.

As of news time, Patrick’s GoFundMe account has already raised $54,480 — more than double the $25,000 goal!

The businessman was interviewed Tuesday morning on K57’s the Brightside with Pauly Suba.

“He called me about a month ago and let me know that he more than likely had cancer but he needed to have a couple more tests here locally done before he could say that. Obviously, as a gig musician and a teacher, you weren’t making a whole lot of money in 2020 during the pandemic coz bars were closed, hotels were closed, and weddings weren’t happening. So he asked me if I…you know…could help him…think of a fundraising way …and of course…Pat…being Pat…was kinda embarrassed to ask the public. He didn’t want to make a big fuss … but hey, we got to take care of Pat. He’s our island icon…He’s our island treasure,” Endo said.

Endo says that although they have hit their initial goal, they will keep the fundraising open just in case Palomo’s treatment goes longer than expected.