Over 39 Thousand Participate In Great Guam ShakeOut


Guam- Over 38 thousand participants, including 48 schools joined in on the Great Guam Shake Out on Thursday.

The island, as well as other states and countries are now part of the largest earthquake drill in U.S. history. The 527 students, teachers and staff at Agana Heights Elementary were among the participants that performed the “Duck, Cover and Hold On” drill this morning at 10:21 am. School principal Carla Masnayon says while they encountered rainfall during their evacuation portion of the exercise, she felt they are better prepared to handle an earthquake catastrophe.

“It did start out well from my standpoint” said Masnayon. “When we got out and evacuated the campus, that’s where we didn’t foresee rain coming in. So that kind of cut short our evacuation droll. But other than that, I think the drill went fairly well. Of course, it was rehearsed because it was the first time we were going to do it. But in any situation, if it’s really an emergency, you know, things just need to happen the way we practiced it.”

The one minute earthquake drill originated in California two years ago. For more on Guam’s first annual exercise, log on to www.shakeout.org/guam .