Over 40 Employees Remain in GMH Z-Wing


Employees working in GMH’s Z-Wing were supposed to be moved out of the wing for safety reasons but about 40 remain. 

Guam – There are still dozens of GMH employees working in the hospital’s condemned Z-Wing.



 GMH Administrator Ted Lewis called the Z-Wing unsafe and dangerous during a GMH board meeting. The 60 employees in that section were supposed to have been moved out by now however about 40 remain. According to GMH Spokeswoman June Perez they were striving to move out all employees by the 3rd week of September however the Z-wing relocation plan changed and is still involving. Part of that change involves 10 of the employees moving to the skilled nursing unit in Barrigada but they have since decided to try and keep most if not all of the employees at the hospital in order to maximize the efficiency of the finance division. Perez says the new relocation plan involves renovation work and some contracted work which they hope to complete by the end of November. The employees of the communications center will be the last to move out of the Z-wing. GMH will be contracting A&E and construction services to relocate and upgrade the communications center. It’s a project they hope to complete by mid to late 2016.