VIDEO: Over 40 Teachers Attend Educators Symposium on Soil and Water Conservation


Guam- Over 40 teachers are attending the first Educators Symposium on Soil and Water Conservation at the University of Guam (UOG).

Northern Guam Soil and Water Conservation District Chairman Roland Quitugua says the symposium introduces facts to teachers about the island’s local soil and water issues. He mentions they are looking at the holistic approach to the management of the island’s natural resources.

This includes discussion about options to reduce pesticide use, water consumption or prevent soil from moving off-site and contaminating the reefs. He also says teachers will understand how Guam’s biological systems are very fragile to invasive species. Quitugua notes they want to reach out to wider community through the school system.

“The whole idea is to give these teachers an experience as well as education and some materials that they can localize and bring into their classroom, with the hope they will then develop and grow stewards out of those students,” said Quitugua. “That’s what we need to do. In order for us to protect ourselves and protect our natural resources and for it to perpetuate, it’s important for us to have the teachers be able to engage in educating our youth.”

The symposium ends on Friday. Teachers will also receive certification they can apply towards re-certification at the Guam Department of Education (DOE).