Over half of 95 sex abuse cases are against Brouillard


Of the 95 cases filed against the church and the Boy Scouts of America, 54 are against Louis Brouillard.

Guam – The sex abuse lawsuits against the Archdiocese of Agana continue to pile up with two more that were filed Thursday in federal court.

One case involves the ill-famed Louis Brouillard and the other case involves the late priest Father Ray Techaira.

The case against Techaira was filed by a 44-year-old man with the initials K.Q. who was a former student of San Vicente Catholic School. K.Q. says the sexual abuse happened when he was a minor.

While at school, K.Q. and four other male students were being disciplined and it was Techaira who took charge of disciplining the boys. K.Q. alleges that Techaira ordered the five students to pull down their pants in front of him. From there, K.Q. says Techaira began to molest the boys.

The next case against Father Louis Brouillard was filed by 56-year-old D.M. So far, Brouillard takes up more than half of all the cases that have been filed concerning institutional sexual abuse. Of the 95 cases filed, 54 are against Brouillard.

D.M.’s lawsuit makes similar allegations against Brouillard—D.M. was about 11 years old when he joined the Boy Scouts Troop 24 of Malojloj where Brouillard served as a priest. As a scout master, Brouillard took D.M. and other boy scout members for outings or to the convent to serve mass.

While at those places, as many have claimed, Brouillard would sexually abuse the boys and reward them with food or treats. D.M. also says that during camping trips Brouillard would go from tent to tent pretending to check on the boys when in fact he was sexually molesting “those who were not able to get away, including D.M.”

D.M. is seeking $10 million in damages while K.Q. is seeking $5 million in damages.