Ox & Palm corned beef on Guam not included in recall


On Thursday, the Department of Public Health and Social Services issued a release in coordination with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, announcing the recall of the Milky Way International Trading canned corned beef products (including the popular Ox & Palm brand) because they were imported without benefit of inspection.

Hermie Queja, general manager of Micronesian Brokers Inc., reached out to PNC to state that the Ox & Palm Corned Beef brand that his company distributes on Guam, is not part of the recalled batch as theirs is not imported from the U.S.

“MBI, Micronesia Brokers, and appointed Guam distributor for Ox & Palm Corned Beef will not buy from any US distributor or any US mainland distributor nor do we buy from MW Polar. Our products come directly from Heinz, Australia “ Queja said.

He added: “Anything we import from Australia is inspected by the local USDA inspector and each case that is inspected by the USDA has a specific marking on the case basically showing the import facilities number on the case.”

He said the shipping marks that are marked for recall include:


  • OGB4,

  • PLU1, and

  • CH1.

He said all of the ones on Guam end with GUA followed by a number.