Pacific Daily News Publishes its Last Print Edition

Last PDN print edition
Reader with Pacific Daily News's last print edition on March 31, 2023.

PDN, one of the two newspapers on Guam, has been delivering print news to the people of Guam for decades. Informing on some of the biggest stories in the past, long before most people had access to tv. 

Today, the newspaper released its last publication during the morning.

PDN will go fully digital from now on and its publisher, Rindraty Limtiaco, said that although it’s a bittersweet situation, it was time for the newspaper to go digital .

 In an interview with Patti Arroyo, Limtiaco mentioned a few of the reasons why: “The majority of our readers read us online, they read us on their phone, they read us on their laptops, you know it’s a generational difference in that regard.” 

The publisher said that PDN plans on going to senior centers throughout the island to show to the previous generation how to follow the news going forward. 

Limtiaco said this new E-edition will only have local stories, given that individuals can go directly to other newspapers online if they are looking for non-local stories. 

By going online only, the newspaper will also be able to publish more stories that are complete, timely and relevant to the people of Guam.

“When you’re printing a paper and you’re trying to drive what people expect now, which is news all day- all the time, it’s almost like you gotta wear these few hats. So the nice thing is that now we can focus on that one hat and just get the news out all day- all the time.” said Limtiaco.