VIDEO: Pacific Data Systems Calls On GSA to Award Procurement of Telecom Services


Guam – Pacific Data Systems or PDS is hoping that the Government of Guam will complete it’s procurement of telecom services.


 PDS President John Day explains that for the past five years GovGuam has stuck with one provider, namely GTA TeleGuam, and has simply rolled their contract for telecom services over from one year to the next. Day has been advocating for years to GovGuam to competitively bid these services out as per their own procurement laws. Day points to an independent analysis that shows GovGuam can save up to $900 thousand dollars a year if it competitively bid these services. They finally opened the bid for telecom services on December 9th of 2011 but they have yet to award the contract. “The problem is that we’ve been waiting for the results of that award we’ve been waiting to see GSA make that award so that the government can start saving money. I mean that’s the whole idea of competitive procurement is for the government to get the best deal,” said Day.

 GSA adviser Robert Kono told PNC news that some of the delays were due to a protest filed by both PDS and Docomo. GSA is currently still evaluating the bids however Kono points out that it is a comprehensive procurement for telephone, internet and wireless services with 1,000 page proposals per each of the five companies that bid.