Pacific Historic Parks launches Guam Geocaching Hagåtña Adventure

As the 77th year of Guam's Liberation approaches, Pacific Historic Parks is launching a fun and interactive activity for Guam's community to enjoy. (PNC photo)

Pacific Historic Parks, a partner of the National Park Service, has launched an interactive and educational activity to commemorate Guam’s Liberation.

As the 77th year of Guam’s Liberation approaches, Pacific Historic Parks is launching a fun and interactive activity for Guam’s community to enjoy.

According to Jacalyn Balajadia, the Education Manager for Pacific Historic Parks, the non-profit organization created Guam Geocaching Adventure Hagatna to preserve the history of World War II digitally.

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After downloading a free app called Adventure Lab, users can access the virtual geocache adventure, which then takes users through a 1.5-mile loop around Hagatna and its historical monuments and structures.

“Individuals can download the app for free, they create an account, and what it does is that it will take them on an adventure around historic Hagatna and they will be taken through and to rediscover the history that’s there. They’ll be taking a stroll through the Plaza De Espana, they will stand on a Spanish bridge that survived the World War II bombardment, and they will be learning more about the historical memorials and monuments that mark important events and people of World War II,” Balajadia said.

Balajadia explained how the virtual adventure worked, stating that instead of tangible geocaches, users can find virtual geocaches by solving riddles using clues found within each historic site. Once the riddle is solved, users will gain special access to an educational video about each location visited.

“When they get there, instead of finding a box or what they call a cache — a hard version — it will be instead a virtual cache — and the virtual cache will be a riddle that will pop when they come to the site—and they will be able to answer the riddle with the clues of the site around them. So it’s an interactive exciting experience fun thing for families to do, especially during the month of July, which is Liberation,” Balajadia said.

In addition to the Geocache Adventure, Balajadia encourages Guam’s community to visit the War in the Pacific Visitor Center in Sumay, open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 9 AM-4 PM.

From July 1st through August 10th, participants can win a free prize after completing the geocaching adventure. For more information, visit