Pacific Mission Aviation eyes Guam expansion


Pacific Mission Aviation, a transportation ministry that serves the remote islands in the Pacific, plans to expand its operations on Guam and make it a hub for the supplies that it transports all over the Pacific.

Norbert Kalau, President & CEO of Pacific Mission Aviation, was the guest speaker Tuesday of the Rotary Club of Tumon Bay headed by its president Jason Yamashita.

Kalau told the Rotarians that one of the company’s goals this year is to get its own dedicated storage facility on Guam because the donations it gets continues to increase.

“One of our goals here in Guam is to somehow get a warehouse of sorts, where we can stock some of our supplies. For example, we have gotten many container loads of brand new books and used books from the Guam Department of Education that would otherwise go to the landfill. We have taken these books to the various islands like Pohnpei and Chuuk and all the way to the elementary and high schools in Yap. That all came out of Guam,” Kalau said.

Just the other day, Kalau said they went around and picked up some medical supplies on Guam for shipment to Pohnpei for use in the state hospitals.

“So, in many ways, thank you to Guam for being a generous island, and having partnered with us in many different ways to help the remote outer islands around us,” Kalau said.

He added that a number of medical personnel from Guam have actually come with them on their humanitarian missions all over the Pacific, serving in their various capacities and specializations.

“We have had medical personnel, primarily dentists, and other medical personnel who have come and joined us on some of these medical missions. Guam is really very generous,” Kalau said.