Pacific Unlimited Introduces Landscaping Product to Guam: Local Wood Mulch


Pacific Unlimited takes green and wood wastes and turns it into mulch.

Guam – If you own a big yard, want to reduce landscaping costs and go green at the same time, an easy fix may be…wood mulch.

Pacific Unlimited, doing business as Pacific Topsoil & Compost, tested out their new landscaping product at the Guam International Country Club and they say the mulch works. It’s been about five months since GICC covered a patch of their golf course with 4 inches of wood chips and according to their Director of Sales Richard Ybanez, they saved $2000 in landscaping expenses. He says, “As you can see behind me, this area of the golf course was a problem area. What the wood chips did is help me cut costs from bushcutting and supplies. We have rocks and it’s a hilly slope, so the bush cutting was every three weeks. With the wood chips, we haven’t bush cut since September.”

Pacific Unlimited Vice President Michael Limtiaco explains that when the Ordot landfill was forced to close down and with the Department of Public Works no longer accepting wood waste and green waste, Pacific Unlimited decided to take those wastes and produce products that are beneficial. Limtiaco says with green waste, they produced compost for gardening and farming. With wood waste, they produced different types of wood mulch. He says, “Basically, we’re taking a problem that existed in the community as to where to dispose this product. We’re re-purposing and recycling this product to use for the environment. We’re on GICC now, Talofofo Golf Course is also using it to control weed growth for out of bounds area as well. We’re looking to get more commercial customers, golf courses, and landscaping industry in general.”

For more information, call Pacific Unlimited at 473-4374.