PAG chair confirms shortage in COVID-19 vaccines; Kmart awaiting approval

Dr. Hoa Nguyen (PNC file photo)

Guam is experiencing a shortage in COVID-19 vaccines, according to the chairman of the governor’s Physicians Advisory Group.

Dr. Hoa Nguyen, chairman of the Physicians Advisory Group, confirmed to PNC the shortage of COVID-19 vaccines on Guam.

While Public Health has no vaccines left, Dr. Nguyen said some of the smaller clinics may still have dose 2 of the Moderna vaccine.

Nguyen says that Kmart and Rexall Drugs are authorized by CDC to have their own supplies of the COVID vaccines.

Kmart and Rexall received 100 doses of the Moderna vaccine.

Rexall has been giving the vaccines but Kmart is still awaiting approval from Public Health.

Nguyen says that he and the Vaccine Policy Committee were expecting a backlog of around 1,000 vaccines but were shocked to hear that they are actually behind by 6000.

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“That is something that I did not expect to be that far behind but once the vaccine makes its way to the island which is scheduled to arrive by March 8 … if we have truly 6,000 outstanding dose 2 of the vaccines, then we should try to catch up,” Dr. Nguyen said.

Public Health’s immunization program has already placed an order of 14,200 doses of Moderna and 21,060 Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines, totaling 35,260 COVID-19 vaccines for the month of March.

The vaccines are anticipated to arrive within three to five business days.

Dr. Nguyen says that the last two shipments of vaccines have arrived on time and hopes that the next shipment of vaccines for March will arrive safely by this Friday.